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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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service personnel sent to colombia for the president's trip have been relieved of deuta and sent back home. they're being investigated for misconduct allegedly involving prostitution. we're expecting a white house briefing to begin at any moment now. when that hoappens. we'll take you there. again, a white house briefing expected at any moment in this 4:00 eastern hour. in the meantime, i want to go to juan carlos lopez in colombia for us. juan, what more can you tell us about the accusations against the secret service personnel and how it's being investigated now? >> well, we're learning more details. cnn has confirmed that the incident probably happened on wednesday and they were sent back to the states on thursday. it's a grup of up to 12 members of the secret service. some of them secret service undercover agents, other uniforms police.
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according to the information coming out, there was an incident with a prositute that was brought into the hotel. this is a hotel, a more traditional hotel in cartagena, and it's part of the hotels that were secured for the president's visit. this happened before president obama arrived in colombia where he's standing for two nights. the first time an american president does this. there was an incident of where the prostitute complained of not being paid. she went to the police, the police reported it to the embassy and then to the state department. at least 12 members of the secret services were sent back to the states, relieved of their assignment. we're told they're not involved in president obama's security, at least directly in his security, and it's an snenlt that is overshadowing the summit of the americas. leaders are meeting as we speak, but obviously, this is what has got the headlines. >> you mentioned that the prostitute went to local
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authorities there. that person was able to do that because prostitution is legal there in cartagena, colombia. however, the issue that is the main focus now for u.s. secret service is whether there was a real violation of the code of conduct that they have been removed from colombia as an indication there is that violation, and then unclear now what this means for the entire security detail surrounding the president? >> well, we've heard that it doesn't impact the president's security detail, and we have seen in the streets that security is very tight with over 30 regional leaders in attendance. especially in this part of the city where president obama is staying, the hotel where this happened, this hotel where the international media, it's close. it's fairly close. there was no compromise of the president's security. in the case of the prostitute, nor details are going to come
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out. with the -- by the hour, we'll know exactly what happened, and what the issue is, but there was thought outrage with the secret service, homeland security, prostitution is frowned upon and dma not conduct accepted on members of the secret service and it doesn't reflect well on the security service where he's meted presidents from all over the region. >> we're looking at images of what was believed to be the hotel where the president was staying. also the hotel where that code of conduct was broken by the u.s. secret service, and now live pictures here of the location where that briefing from the white house will be there in cartagena, colombia. that briefing to take place momentarily. the focus is that of white house matters, however we know they're going to be peppered with a lot of questions from the traveling press on the u.s. secret service incident. likely, that might dominate the
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press conference aulthough the white house is saying it's not primarily for this investigation. however, a lot of questions will be coming the way of the press secretary. one of -- back in the states now, one of the accused tulsa shooters says he's not a racist despite being charged on the state level with a hate crime and murder. 19-year-old jake england is accused of killing three people on april 6th because they were black. in a jailhouse interview, he said he had grown up in a large african-american community in north tulsa and, quote, got along with everybody. in baltimore now, a man is locked up, accused in a violent videotaped robbery that left a tourist beaten up and stripped of his clothes. cell phone videos of the crime went viral after it happened on st. patrick's day, and you can hear onlookers laughing at the victim as the criminals stole his clothes. the 20-year-old suspect is held
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on $1 million bond. beejys star robin gibb has fallen into a coma in a london hospital. he has pneumonia and was recently diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. they believe he's developed a secondary tumor. his family is keeping vigil at his wed side. it's midafternoon in the plains states and it's closing in on the time where forecasters warn a dangerous tornado could strike. rob marciano is out in the storm zone, jacqui jeras is monitoring it. where are you and what are you seeing? >> right now, we're in oklahoma, the north central part of the state. we started in norman, oklahoma, the home base of where all these forecasts were, the high risk
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areas come out, and the forecasters there were certainly busy, certainly excited in some capacities but very concerned as to what this area is going to encounter today. we saw tornadoes fire up north of here, and now with the sun beginning to break through and the winds rolling ferociously out of the south at 30 miles per hour, feeding into what is a very dynamic situation with a lot of moisture. you can see some of the clouds here, across the way. they're moving pretty quickly across the lower levels of the atmosphere. it's those clouds that we're thinking is going to team up with not only a little left over boundary layer from last night, but also some storms that are just beginning to initiate out to the west. and the storm's prediction center has just extended south, not own lee the tornado watch, we'll get into this, but the hashed area of where they think long track large damaging tornadoes will occur today. that now includes north central parts of oklahoma.
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it's a matter of the sun heating up the ground here. they also told me today there's going to be three pulses of severe weather. we're seeing it now just north of here. we'll see another pulse with the dry line in the heat of the day, and tonight when the front comes through, that will be the third time. hopefully it won't be more -- a town that gets hit more than once. what we have seen in the past, if a town gets hit in the first wave, power's out, lines of communication are out, and that means sirens are down as well. that's when things get really, really danger as far as a life threatening situation is concerned. people know how to react to life threatening situation, but when there's no sirens, that's where it could be trouble. >> good advice. thanks so much. jacqui jeras in the weather center. it looks windy where rob is, but adding to his list of what people look out for, what are the indicators? bad weather on the way? >> it is, so here is where rob is right now. he's in hennessy, oklahoma. this is where oklahoma city is,
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to the south. what i want you to take a look at is what is happening out west. this is the dry line where rob was talking about and where thunderstorms are initiating. this is a couple hours away from where rob is. we think the second round is going to come in late tonight after the sun is done. that's what makes this so particularly dangerous, is that it's going to be impossible to see some of the tornadoes as they move on through. this is what we call that high risk day. storm chasers are out there all over the place, not just rob marciano, but we're watching this with a network of storm spotters. this is near dodge city, kansas, and really central parts of kansas right now is the area at greatest risk for the next two hours for rotating thunderstorms and take a look at that network. there are literally dozens of trained spotters out there monitoring this. if tornadoes develop and get on the ground and cause damage, we're going to know about it right away. and one of the areas we're talking about right now, northeast of dodge city, edwards, hodgeman, and neck
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counties, a report of a tornado near gray that has been producing damage. this is the storm we're talking about. we're going to continue to monitor that and take a look at the storm system as a whole where the watches are in effect from western oklahoma to southwestern iowa. this is not your typical tornado day, fredricka. this is a high risk day, the second time only ever they have issued a high risk two days in advance. it's something we have been watching for a while. a serious situation where people need to get underground. >> great advice. thanks so much. keep us posted on that. you're going to continue to watch the maps there, and all of the indecters. meanwhile, we'll keep a close eye on this room in colombia where a white house briefing will take place. we're going to take a quick break and be right back. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first.
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>> announcer: if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. welcome back. want to take you to cartagena, colombia where jay carney is peppered with questions about the kwloous secret service personnel sent home after breaching a code of conduct. let's listen in. >> this is a matter that is being looked into in an appropriate manner by the secret service itself. it would not be appropriate for the president to characterize something looked into by the secret service at this time. all i can tell you is he was made aware of it. beyond that, i'm not going to characterize his reaction. it has not. i think it's been much more of a distraction for the press. he's here engaging in the business that he came here to do
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with the assembled leaders of the americas. this fast growing region of the world is vital to our economic future. the american economic future, as he discussed in tampa at the port of tampa. prior to arriving in colombia. as you heard him talk about already at the ceo summit and other venues, the remarkable progress that countries like brazil and colombia and other countries in the region have made in recent years is of great benefit to the comoouns economically, as well as geopolitically. that's what he's been focused on. that's the substance of the conversations and meetings that he's had here. and that will continue to be the case. >> hugo chavez -- what about the direction that the americas
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summit is taking and the possibilities for future summits? >> well, first of all, there are a vast majority of leaders of the americas here at the summit to deal with the pressing set of issues from economic integration to enemy cooperation, to systems securities so -- >> we were in cartagena, coloom bea. we heard jay carney trying to get the focus on the summit of americas back on track. but he made it very clear in trying to answer some of the questions from the reporters there about the u.s. secret service members behavior and being sent back to the states because of a breach of code of conduct. he said for the president, he has been made aware of it, but it has not distracted him from the message, the white house trying to focus on the importance of the summit economically and geopolitically, however, jay carney taking a swipe at the press saying it apparently has distracted the
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press from what he believes the real story is, the progress from this summit of americas. but one more time, if you're just now joining us, a dozen u.s. secret service personnel were sent back to the u.s. they were on the advance team, but allegations now of them having relations with prostitutes there in colombia, prostitution is legal there, but however, the fact the secret service personnel had relations with prostitutes there and took some of the prosttults to the hotel two days prior to the president's arrival at the very hotel where the president would ultimately being staying, that's a big breach of conduct there. pictures, exterior of the potell where the president and secret service detail are staying. again, the white house trying to take the message from what is certainly an issue that has been overshadowing the mission at the sum of the americas now trying to focus again on the economic and geopolitical importance of
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this summit. and of course another agency somewhere down the line will be handling the investigation of the u.s. secret service personnel. we'll update you as we get more information about all that has taken place there in cartagena. >> well, some of you might be scrambling to make tuesday's tax filing deadline here in the states. others are looking ahead to next year already. some change sas to the tax code that could make the 2013 bill a little more expensive. athena jones joins me from washington with details on this. nobody wants to hear that anything is going to be more expensiv expensive. >> not good news, but right now, this is where we stand. and this is of course if congress doesn't act. we know it's an election year, and congress could step in and extend things further like they have been doing. the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. that would mean higher tax rates for everyone. we hear about the very wealthy,
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the highest tax rates going from 39% to 36%, but everybody would see the rates rise, and even the 10% rate would switch to 15%. the second thing is the pay roll tax credit that is going to expire. we pay taxes and we have been able to enjoy the extra 2% we're seeing in our paychecks, the 2% that hasn't been being taken out. that going to change at the end of the year. two other ones that mostly affect higher income earners, the capital gains tax, from 15% to 20%. capital gains taxes are on investment income like stocks. the other one is a new tax associated with the health care law. those would only affect people making over $200,000 and only in effect it if the health care law is upheld by the supreme court. those are some of the changes we expect to see right now in 2013 as far as new taxes and higher rates. >> except for changing your income bracket, is there
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anything people can do to avoid the impact of higher rates? >> i talked to a bunch of policy people and preparers and here is what they say in terms of reducing your taxable income. one is selling stock. if you have a bunch of stock and are thinking of selling them, you might consider doing that in 2012, this year, rather than waiting untilthex year so you can avoid the jump in the capital gains tax rate. and make charitable donations in 2013. some make them toward the end of this year, maybe next year, so you can reduce your income there. one more thing is converting a traditional ira, retirement account to a roth ira in 2012 versus 2013. a traditional account, you get taxed when you take the money out, when you retire, where a roth ira, you pay the taxes first, then put the money in, sock the mun a away. if you're going to make the transition, do so when you have lower rates to pay.
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last thing, companies who pay out bonuses could consider moving them up to the end of 2012 rather than 2013 so their employees can avoid having the exercise built of income that year. that's some of the tips. tax preparers i said to said not knowing what is going to happen makes it really difficult to prepare, but these four are some simple ways people can go about at least reducing the income. >> you're giving up a leg up. thanks so much. well, it's not a cruise for everyone, but many consider retracing the path of the titanic the trip of a lifetime. details straight ahead. and tomorrow, dr. sanjay gupta is taking you inside a virtual world. meet a video game designer jane mcdawngle.
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>> there are a billion people on the planet now who qualify as gamers. there are games you can play to learn how to start your own business, if you're unemployed and want to start your own company, there's a game you can play to do that. when i tell people, hey, you want to cure cancer or alzheimer's? you can do that by playing a game. games are an extraordinary way to tap into the best version of yourself, the most determined, the most creative, the most resilient. i'm jane. i'm a game designer, and i'm the inventor of super brother. >> you want to tune in tomorrow to watch the next list or set your dvr for 2:00 p.m. eastern time. after that, the newsroom, 2:30 eastern time. we'll be right back.
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a u.s. coast knaurd rescue plane is being diverted from a titanic flight to oboat that is sinking right now. the french 40-foot sailboat is going down about 1300 miles east of boston. three people are onboard and we're told they have a life raft, life jackets and flares
4:24 pm
onboard, but the 100th anniversa anniversary comem rags are happening. two cruise ships are retracing the titanic voe ic voyage. one that departed from new york city will meet up with one that departed from southampton. they'll meet up at the site where the titanic sank for two tributes. the first at 11:40 tonight where the titanic struck the iceberg. the second 2:40 later when the titanic sank. for the nearly 2,000 passengers onboard, both ships, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i was really surprised at the number of people we talked to and told we were going to go on the trip, said that's creepy, i wouldn't do that. i thought, i don't find it creepy at all. i love history.
4:25 pm
>> wow, and not everyone can take one of those titanic trips, but you can still find out more about the stories of those who were on the ship. we show how to get ponboard without leaving land. >> the movie "titanic" is back in theaters in 3-d, marking the 100-year anniversary of the titanic sinking. >> iceberg right ahead. >> from the silver screen to attractions around the country, there are many ways to connect with the ill-feated ship. >> look at the windows, that's just the way it looked on that night. >> replica titanics in pigeon ford, tennessee, and missouri, let you find the grand staircase, and even feel how cold the water was the night of the disaster. for a doomed ship, they had no shortage of passengers. >> there's such a large following, i don't care if you're 5 or 95, you have an
4:26 pm
interest or some connection to the "titanic. waets. >> and if you can't make it to one of these, we can steer you to other connections. and if you godon't get the excitement, they're making a splash with the newest exhibit, aptly called "titanic, 100 year obsession." >> the strong language put out by the storm warning center may have some parents wondering how to get their kids prepared. there's actually a comic book for that. we'll show you step by step plans to keep the family safe. that's coming up. all energy development comes with some risk,
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not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. people across the plain states are bracing for the real possibility of severe weather today, specifically tornadoes. one twister touched down near norman, oklahoma, yesterday. tearing roofs off a number of homes. no serious injuries were reported. and about a dozen u.s. secret service personnel sent to
4:30 pm
colombia ahead of president obama pfsz weekend visit have been relieved of duty. their sources said they took prostitutes back to a hotel in cartagena before the president's arrival. they were not part of the president's personal security detail. an internal investigation is now under way. >> and one of the accused tulsa shooters said he's not a racist despite being charged on the state level with a hate crime. 19-year-old jake england scene here in a jail house interview that you're about to see, is accused of killing three people on april 6th because they were black. on the tape, england said he had grown up in a large african-american community in north tulsa and, quote, got along with everybody. and there's a new health warning for those of you who eat fish. the cdc says at least 116 people in 20 states and the nation's capital are invectfected with a strain of salmonella. they think it's caused by raw
4:31 pm
yellow fin tuna products. it's used to make sushi and sashimi. >> let's check in again with our jacqui jeras about this severe weather that people are bracing for. >> yeah, they need to be ready right now, fredricka. this has been ongoing for a couple hours and we have 11 reports of tornadoes. most in central kansas and over the state line into parts of southern nebraska. no reports of injuries thus far, and only reports of damage in terms of some power lines down and also some outbuildings. so far, we're doing okay, but there are multiple warnings still in effect including tornadoes confirmed on the ground. it's central kansas to the east of dodge city where we have seen the rotating storms really firing up and developing at this time. there are watches in effect, so a watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop. a warning means it's happening now. the watch area all across
4:32 pm
nebraska, into southwestern iowa, and stretching down into western parts of oklahoma, and in that center here, particularly into central parts of kansas, is where we have the pds watches, particularly dangerous situation. this is a different animal where you get large, violent, destructive tornadoes that stay on the ground for a long period of time. the risk area issidespread, and we're just getting started with the storm system. in fact, this is going to be going on overnight tonight, including into the day tomorrow where we could look at places like central wisconsin for seeing the severe weather threat. about 5 million people in the high risk area today, about 9 million people in the red there under the risk area for a moderate chance of seeing these tornadoes. it's going to be an ugly night ahead. we'll break in as necessary. 11 tornadoes reported so far today. >> tremendous number. thank you so much. a big question that needs to be asked, what do you do? do you know what to do if a tornado is headed your way?
4:33 pm
the u.s. department is urging everyone to get a plan in place right now, and it is providing some great tools for you to do so. even for your children, cnn's josh is here with the details on these tools available. >> yeah, and fred, this is something that applies to everybody throughout the entire country, not just penople who my face tornadoes, but every family year round should be prepared for all sorts of natural disastdisast ers. that said, there are some basics that they say every family should have. there's a great website behind me, called, that talks you through some of the steps every family in the country should take, and if you're watching the reports about the tornado thinking, hey, i haven't put together any of these steps for my family, now is a good time. some of the basics, what should go into an emergency kit. the government says every family should have available starting with a gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. so that's at least three gallons
4:34 pm
of water per person there. next, food, at least a three day supply of that inside the emergency supply kit. also a battery powered radio or hand crank radio snigz to a noaa weather radio. a flashlight in this kit with extra batteries, also a first aid kid, and make sure it's got all of the basics inside of it, and once more thing i'll point to here, you want to have a whistle so if people are looking for you, that's one way to make a lot of noise if your technology is not working. it's just about half the list. more at the website. there's also something else i want you to know that might come as a surprise. take a look at the pictures. this is something the government points to when they talk about how families should be ready for disasters. it's these comic characters. and what they have done is made it fun for the family, fun for children. there are stories you can tell. an online scavenger hunt where
4:35 pm
you learn what you need to have, and there's a great way to teach your kids about what to do if for some reason in a disaster they're separated. all sorts of interactives set up for you, and i have lanked specific paces for you at my page to make it really easy to find. i'm on facebook and twitter at josh levs. we have a lot of specifics there for you, so this is a great time for the families watching the news about the tornado to say, hey, have you done this for your family? if not, do so now. >> important to have a plan. thanks so much. all right, it's a great superstar athlete. magic johnson making news on broadway with the new play about his friendship with larry bird. and with his $2 billion deal to buy a baseball team. npr sports reporter mike tuska has seen the play. he'll join me after the break with his reviews. eal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy.
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i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did things with electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer,
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i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
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a federal trial and a
4:39 pm
broadway debut. they're both hot topics at np. . mike is joining us to talk about it. good to see you. welcome, mike. >> hi. >>alist time we spoke, you were in new orleanss, and we're talking ncaa. now you're in lovely studio there in new york. let's begin with this trial starting monday, former major league baseball pitcher roger clemens, retrial on federal charges he lied to congress on using banned performance enhancing drugs. listen to some of clemens' testimony from 2008. >> i'm not saying senator mitchell's report is entirely wrong. i am saying brian mcnumy's statements about me are wrong. let me be clear. i have never taken steroids or hgh. >> so that testimony on capitol hill, he didn't have to, but then now it's kind of, you bow, gotten the ball rolling on the perjury trial. in your view, how might this
4:40 pm
unfold? are we talking about, you know, bringing a number of people from andy pettitte on, back in to testify against him? deals made, do you see any real wiggle room for roger clemens? there's also been wiggle room if you wanted to take it, and roger clemens has always said i demand to clear my name. that's why he testified before congress. that's why when he was charged with perjury, he didn't cut any sort of deal. miguel tejada took a misdemeanor charge, but clemens wants to go forward with the trial. he had a trial or two days worth of a trial a year ago, and it ended in a mistrial because the prosecutor really bungled showing a videotape to a jury that he wasn't supposed to. so in this trial, you have brian mcnamee, who we heard clemens talk about, a former trainer who said i injected him with hgh. brian mcnamee provided physical
4:41 pm
evidence, dna and syringes and cotton swabs and andy pettitte who is a pitcher and his teammate and a guy who has no ax to grind, we assume testify against roger clemens. baseball writers will say that will be damaging because they respect andy pettitte and they think the world of him. i don't know if jurors are going to know who he is. any guy who seems honest who has no reason to testify, that could hurt clemens. but the other side of the coin, the fact that there was one mistrial already, and the judge doesn't seem that sympathetic to the prosecution. >> what a time when major league baseball gets started again. a lot of distractions, more might it be a distraction for the ball field? >> well, the thing is that clemens is retired, but during the last trial, if pettitte would have testified, he was retired then, but he's making a comeback. he's in the minors trying to
4:42 pm
work his way up to the majors. he might have to take time off to go to d.c. to testify. and baseball is really trying to get past the steroid era, the ryan braun incident who had a positive test that had it overturned, maybe when it's over, this will be the official, we have put it to bed and now we're moving on. >> still on the topic of baseball, let's talk about the dodgers and the court saying, all right, this is a done deal. $2 billion deal, and involving the guggenheim group. which also includes former nba star magic johnson now being part owner of the dodger. with new management about to be assembled at the end of this month, mouth it be soon enough to help the dodgers get into serious play 6 the season has already started? >> i think that it's a whole -- it's lifting a burden and even if locker rooms or club houses they call them in baseball say, look, we don't care about this off the field stuff, they do.
4:43 pm
it weighs on them. i just got done reading r.a. dickey's book, a pitcher for the mets, and all during the year, the mets were saying, oh, the bernie madoff scandal didn't bother us. as soon as it was lifted, they said, that was great. that's what the dodgers are going to say. it means they can start signing some free agents if they're in a position to be winning by the end of the year, they could be buyers rarthd than sellers. the weird thing about the deal is the striking thing is that this is the most ever paid for a professional sports franchise in north america, most ever played for a baseball team. $2 billion. >> why, by the way? >> tv, the answer is tv. i think in the stock market, they would call this priced to win. in other words, there is no discount like maybe it won't work out, but if it all works out spectacularly and perfectly, they could see a return on the investment. if you look at the value of other franchises, it does seem like a really high price to pay. >> wow. okay, now speaking of magic
4:44 pm
johnson, part owner of the dodgers, also taking center stage at long acres theater in new york, right on broadway, magic/bird, a play about the relationship. i guess they were frenemies, that's what we would call them now. they were opponents on the hardcourt, he and larry bird, but off the court, they were -- they had a beautiful friendship. did you really get that? you went to the screening, the play last night. and was it effective story telling in your view? i know i'm putting you on the spot by being a broadway show critic? >> that's fine. i'll don the hat. it turns out people who watch sports have opinions on everything. before i saw the play, a lot of people asked me why are they doing this as a play? i have to tell you after seeing the play, i have the same question. >> really? >> i don't think it works. drama is about conflict. all of the great conflict of their relationship was on the
4:45 pm
court. so what we saw as theater goers were kind of the interdecisional moments, nice scenes. one in larry bird's indiana home where larry bird's mom hugged magic. that was the breaking the ice moment, and since the nba is behind the production, there was a lot of great archival footage, but if you read the book or watched the documentary, you would get a more satisfying and full y fleshed out picture. probably the saddest thing about the play is that it really damned the prospects of any m muggsy bogues, minite bull prospects. >> magic johnson was there and talked about baseball and being a part owner. >> it was thursday afternoon, and the 1 thing, he seems excited and the fans were excited to own the damage e dod. he detailed his history as a
4:46 pm
baseball player, which is one at-bat, the ball came in, broke towards the plate, he bailed out and said maybe basketball is the sport for me. a guy who is 6'9" has a ridiculous strike zone anyway. make your money in basketball and then buy a baseball team. seems like a much more sound way to do things sgrrb. >> and a little bit of time, magic and bird were on letterman earlier in the week. take a listen to what they had to say about their relationship in the play. >> he told me that, you know, i smiled all the time, and he knew that i would smile at you but i wanted to cut your heart out. >> my goal was to try to take three of them teeth home with me. >> it's just so great that they both have a great sense of humor. and i mean, top notch athletes as well. they were just both so well-rounded, are so well rounded. >> yeah. that's another disappointing thing about the play, these guys in real life are unbelievably
4:47 pm
charismatic, the actors did a great job, but if you came into the theater saying i'm not a huge basketball fan or convince me why i should care, i don't know if you know coming out why you should care, but the story is inspirational and lovely that you can hate each other so much on the court but be well rounded, human enough for when magic was diagnosed with hiv, he would call larry and larry would call magic, and you know, magic, the most exuberant outgoing guy, and larry bird, a real introvert, but for them to forge a relationship where they could go on letterman and be friendly off the court is one of the nice things about sports that should be celebrated, perhaps not on the great white way, however. >> we know you're a broad waist critic in case the sports thing doesn't work out for you. >> absolutely. i'll tell you what i thought of "wicked" next week. >> we'll look forward to that.
4:48 pm
appreciate your time. >> a scandal is rocking the u.s. secret service. we have more information on that next. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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more now on the investigation involving u.s. secret service in cartagena, colombia. let's check in with juan carlos lopez there. let'supdate. there's a link to u.s. military, in what way?
4:51 pm
>> well, it seems to be a separate instant. command oud of miami announced five u.s. service members assigned to the summit of the americas violated the curfew established by the senior defense official in colombia and may have been involved in inappropriate conduct. these are five service members not related to the secret service members. in this case, the conduct is alleged to have happened in this same hotel, in cartagena, where the secret service members, at least some undercover agents, other uniformed police were involved with an incident with a prostitute reported to the police. they're in colombia. they're under orders naurt to have contact with other individuals. they'll return to the united states with the rest of the support continge aenls, and the commander douglas frazier said he's disappointed by the entire
4:52 pm
incident and this behavior is not in keeping with the professional standards expected of members of the united states military. an investigation is announced, and punishment inappropriate. a separate incident from the secret service members, beutapparently the possibility of misconduct. >> two separate incidents, one involving five u.s. military personnel, and the other, a dozen u.s. secret service personnel who alenledly had involvement with prostitutes there in colombia. i'm talking about the secret service now. for clarification as well, the hotel we're talking about, earlier, it was reported that that hotel where that breach of code of conduct took place also happened to be the same hotel that the president of the united states would be staying. that code of conduct being breached a couple days before the president's arrival. clarify for us, that's not the
4:53 pm
same hotel where the president ultimately ended up staying? >> that's not the same hotel. no, fredricka. this hotel, the caribe is where the international security stay. the president is staying at the hilton hotel, not the same facility. now, let's clarify the secret service agents, the incident happened on wednesday. they were returned to the states on thursday. but now, this just came out from u.s. southern command in miami where five u.s. service members violated their curfew and they may have been involved in inappropriate conduct in this hotel. that's as far as we know, we know they're in country. they will be returning with the rest of the military component of the security detail, and they'll be submitted to an investigation and punished if appropriate. >> wow, a couple of messy situations there.
4:54 pm
now upstaging the president's visit at the summit of the americas. thanks so much for the new information and for the clarification as well. appreciate that. much more right here in the newsroom after this.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
all right, after six kids and seven years, hard to say it, and 1,000 tabloids headlines, brad pitt and angelina jolie are making it official. a pitt rep said yes, the hollywood power couple are officially engaged. the engagement ring designer said pitt collaborated with him for a year to create that, the diamond ring apparently shaped to suit her long, slender ring
4:57 pm
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